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Kenny Shah, President

Kenny Shah is currently a junior in Herricks high school.  Her persistent interest in exploring and learning new areas of math and science has urged her to become involved with Global Education Project. She has constantly taken rigorous courses in the fields of math and science and participated in fairs to pursue her interest in the STEM field. Her inspiration to help children internationally came from her one month trip to India alone, where she discovered the growing need of education for the youth. She continues to be an advocate by volunteering at Winthrop hospital since the age of 14 and participates in many school clubs to help the people around her. In Kenny's free time, she enjoys dancing and playing tennis. She has been on the school tennis team since freshman year and aims to finish her course as a senior bharatnaytam student in Shradhanjali Academy. Kenny desires to create a huge impact on the future generations of kids.

Deepen Goradia, Director, Operations and IT

Amna is currently a Junior Biomedical Engineering major at Stony Brook University specializing in Bioelectricity and Bioimaging with a minor in Chemistry, as well as an undergraduate researcher in a musculoskeletal lab under Dr. Mei Lin Ete Chan and Dr. Clinton Rubin. While being an undergraduate researcher, Amna has presented her work at national conferences and symposiums, competed in a global medical device design competition, and has been a two time recipient of the PSEG Explorations in STEM Summer Research scholarship. Her love of science from an early age is what motivates her to join the Global Education Project's efforts in providing STEM education to children in order to reduce the growing education gap. Outside of research, Amna is a member of many clubs and honor societies at Stony Brook University as well as a volunteer at the Stony Brook Children's pediatric oncology/hematology center. In her free time she enjoys drawing and making puns.

Amna Haider, Secretary

Vyshnavi Kodali, Secretary

Vyshnavi Kodali, is a sophomore in the B.S./D.O. program at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). Not only does Vyshnavi have a passion for her future in medicine, but she also hopes to make a difference in the Spanish-speaking community, as she has a love for the language and the people who grew up speaking it. When not in school, Vyshnavi enjoys travelling, reading, hanging out with friends and family, and most of all, helping her community.

Deepen Goradia is a junior at South Brunswick High School in South Brunswick, NJ. For years, Deepen has been a strong advocate for global education and hopes to make a change in the global community by ensuring people of all demographics have resources to expand their knowledge. To take steps towards his goal, Deepen has founded the "Society of Young Innovators" and has become the president of his school's "She's The First" club. Both clubs have the main purpose of providing education to students who do not have the resources to do so effectively. Aside from this, Deepen also takes some of the most rigorous courses his school has to offer and takes parts in many extra-curriculars. To unload after a hard day, he likes to play tabla, which he has been learning for the last 10+ years as well take pictures of the world around him. Deepen is currently preparing to enter college and hopefully make his dream of global education a reality through GEP.



Executive Committee

Dustin Liu

Dustin is currently a sophomore at Cornell University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Labor Relations with minors in Music, Business, and Education. He has performed research at Hofstra University regarding auto-oscillatory reactions and at the CUNY Energy Institute where he studied battery production and efficiency. Dustin’s professional experience is primarily as a youth activist and educator. Dustin has held research roles on several political campaigns such as Steve Israel for Congress and Madeline Singas for DA, as well as serving as the Northeast Student Activist Coordinator for Amnesty International. He hopes to continue working in the field of education and to encourage all students to pursue the rewarding field of research.

Jacqui Lee

Jacqui is a sophomore at Rice University prospectively studying Bioengineering. She has always had an inclination for the STEM fields, having spent past summers in pre-college courses at Cambridge University learning chemistry and at Brown University learning about nanotechnologies. After taking computer science in her senior year of high school, she’s also been very interested in this growing field, later teaching herself the basics of the Swift Programming Language and app-programming. Before her senior year, she also participated in bioengineering research at Stony Brook University on e-cigarettes, a very controversial current issue. This semester, she is working in a team with the Texas Children’s Hospital to engineer an addition to a mannequin which will help train parents of children with gastrostomy tubes. She is also excited to be joining Rice’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders who work to bring water and sustainable, positive change to impoverished areas in Nicaragua. Looking forward, she hopes to continue her interest in engineering, to encourage others’ interests in STEM in general, and to make a positive impact in whatever field she decides upon.

Howard Huang

Howard is a graduate of MIT and now a math teacher at Herricks High School. In his 14 years of teaching, he enjoys interactions with teenagers who challenge themselves to become better math students. When he was in high school, Howard loved to solve interesting math problems. Little did he know, he would become a math teacher, teaching the next generation how fun it could be to use math in their daily lives. He hopes to continue to enrich more students' lives with mathematics and motivate students to be passionate about STEM.

Advisory Board

Board of Directors

Shailesh Shah

Harshad Shah

Kalpana Gandhi

Meena Shah

Lopa Shah, CEO

Anika Khanderia, a junior at Singapore American School, has always had a passion for two things: asking lots of questions and being involved with community service. She enjoys her math and science classes, and sees herself continuing to take courses in the STEM fields in the future. Always excited to explore new topics of interest, Anika found the perfect fit for her passions with Global Education Project Inc. - an organization that allows her to take her interest in the STEM field, and use it to help close the growing gap in education. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, working with service clubs at school, and spending time with loved ones. Anika looks forward to seeing the impact that GEP will have on children and youth all over the world!

Anika Khanderia, Public Relations Officer

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